A better way to manage Bodyweight - Is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) a good choice?

Healthy bodies can come in different shapes and sizes, but keeping your body weight in a healthy range is vital to your overall health. Staying in good shape helps take the pressure off your joints, prevents your heart from working too hard, and can improve your respiratory function.

As some of us have experienced first hand, maintaining your weight can sometimes be pretty difficult. The stresses, time constraints, obligations, and even the conveniences of modern life often present roadblocks to weight control. But neglecting to keep your body in healthy body weight can set off a chain reaction of health issues, and increase your risk of diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, heart disease, and sleep apnea, amongst other ailments (CDC 2020).

It’s no surprise that our weight is linked to our diet. Sometimes our weight can creep up without us even noticing! The best way to avoid weight gain and to lose weight that you can keep off is by practicing consistent healthy eating habits instead of more difficult choices like crash dieting. Some tips include:

Pack a lunch - When you make the food you eat, you can control what does (and doesn’t) go into it. Incorporating produce that you can find in your area and your budget will make your lunch more colorful and support your goals. You might even save money, and chances are you will like it. Luckily the internet is full of resources, many that can be made in advance! A simple search will bring up tons of meal prep videos - whether you need one that’s easy, cheap, gluten-free, high protein, vegan....you name it!

Drink water - lots of it! Drinking ample amounts of water helps you control your levels of food intake (Dennis et al 2012).

Eat breakfast - every day! Even if you can't manage a packed lunch, having a healthy, fibrous, and protein-rich breakfast can help control your appetite as the day progresses, making it easier to choose healthier options for your next meals. Mornings can be busy, but there are tons of options for quick and healthy breakfasts out there.

Snack smart! Losing or maintaining weight doesn’t mean you need to be hungry all the time. A smart first step to make, without suddenly stopping your normal intake of food, is to snack regularly in smaller portions and slowly make those snacks healthier alternatives.

Track your intake - While logging meals and snacks may not be practical long term, it can give you a good idea of how much you are actually eating. Then, with the information, you’ve gathered, and the guidance of a trusted doctor or dietician, you can increase or decrease proportions to help you reach your goals.

Move your body! Having a regular exercise regime that works for you, along with a sustainable, balanced diet can help you maintain your ideal weight. It will also keep your heart pumping, strengthen your bones, and improve your mood too (CDC 2020).


Along with these tips, we would like to highlight that there are vitamin supplements that, when consumed regularly, can help in maintaining healthy body weight. This is accomplished by increasing satiety, regulating blood sugar levels, improving gut health, and increasing antioxidants in the bloodstream. Some ingredients are extremely popular on this forefront:

  1. Folic acid - This can help in protein metabolization and maintaining healthy levels of insulin, which control blood sugar levels.
  2. Vitamin B12 - This can aid in processing food, the fuel for all bodily functions!
  3. Apple cider vinegar - This can help reduce overall body fat levels and blood triglycerides - a form of fat in the blood.
  4. Beetroot - This is high water and low-calorie component which can truly be your best friend when exploring a diet that focuses on weight loss without compromising nutrients.


...and the list goes on!

Thankfully, ingredients that are proven to be beneficial for weight control have been carefully formulated in the right amounts as supplements. When taken along with regular exercise and a balanced diet, they can aid in weight loss! While eating the sources directly may be of benefit, an expert understanding of the optimal levels of each may optimize your weight loss and weight maintenance regime. Why drink bitter apple cider vinegar when Gevity vitamins offer a gummy with all the benefits that are delicious?! 8 out of 10 of our customers that take it regularly are having results, and they praise the easy delicious way of taking ACV! Take 2 gummies every day and have a healthy addition to your weight loss diet.