Essential Tips for Daily Vitamin Consumption

When you take vitamin supplements, you get access to the essential nutrients for nourishing your body and keeping you healthy throughout. Nutrients are needed for your overall well-being and health. The selection of food items that are nutrient-rich turns out to be the best way in ensuring yourself a healthy & fit life.

When you are going through the bottle of any vitamin supplement, its label might make you want to reach out for a dictionary. There are high-end terms like DV or RDA that might be difficult to analyze and decode all on yourself. If you are in for buying vitamin supplements for the first time, it is important to know about its ingredients and how to consume the same effectively. We can help you to understand the same through this guide –whether you consider taking Vitamin C capsules for skin or other vitamin supplements.

What do Numbers Imply?

Most of the difficult terms that you come across on supplement websites or labels can help you in getting an understanding of how much vitamins you should consume. As per the Institute of Medicine, here are some guidelines to know about:

  • The AI (Adequate Intake) and RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) are two values that determine the total amount of essential vitamins or minerals that your body requires for staying healthy & well-nourished. The given values are customized for men, women, kids, and other specific age groups.
  • The tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) is referred to as the maximum amount of essential vitamins & minerals that can be consumed on a daily basis without any major side effects or the overall risk of having an overdose. When it comes to consuming particular nutrients, as you go beyond the UL level, you will have increased chances of experiencing problems.

In addition to these parameters, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) is also known to make use of different measures for determining the exact amount of nutrients required by your body. It is referred to as the Daily Value or DV. It serves to be the measurement that you will mostly come across on food & vitamin supplements. In some cases, the value of DV turns out to be the same as that of the RDA.

How Much to Consume?

As consuming higher doses of vitamin supplements is regarded as risky for your body, how can you know the exact amount to be taken to stay fit & healthy?

One way of ensuring the same is to go through the UL value of the particular nutrient. With the presence of ample nutrients, you can take specific dosages without any harm or getting close to UL.

For example, an individual can look forward to taking around 40-50 times the value of RDA for vitamin B6 by not approximating the UL. However, for higher levels of vitamin B6, some people tend to experience signs of nerve pain. Therefore, it is recommended to be always cautious about the same.

When you are deciding the amount of vitamin supplements to be consumed, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Some supplements tend to be riskier in comparison to others: In case of some vitamins & minerals, the upper intake level tends to be quite close to that of the RDA. Therefore, it can be quite easy to consume too much of the same. For instance, an individual taking around 3 times the RDA for vitamin A can consume more than the recommended UL. When vitamin A is consumed in higher levels, it can get stored in the body while getting harmful at the same time. Other supplements that might turn out risky are selenium & iron.
  • Supplements should serve as additions to the diet: It is not recommended to keep pooping pills in the pursuit of achieving a healthy body. You should look forward to consuming a well-balanced diet as per the experts while taking supplements just to ensure ample nutrition.
  • UL serves to be the limit for all sources of the nutrient: UL can include the amount of nutrients you can receive both from foods & supplements. Therefore, when you analyze whether or not you have reached the UL level on a specific nutrient, it is recommended that you should take into account what you are eating.
  • Many nutrients in a high dose can be harmful: If you wish to be on the safe side, then it is recommended to be aware of the UL for the respective nutrients. Moreover, if you have a specific health condition, it is recommended to check with the physician before taking supplements.

Make the most of the top-quality vitamin supplements for getting access to essential nutrients for your body. Always consult your doctor before taking vitamin supplements.