How Vitamin C and Elderberry Extracts Keep Your Skin Healthy

It’s a well-known fact that vitamin C is an excellent source of boosting your immune system and overall health. It’s considered a supplement that can put away many illnesses and a scent that can energize your senses. Apart from being a great nutrient, vitamin C has outstanding benefits for your skin too. It has antioxidant properties that make it a crucial element for skin health. As an essential ingredient of daily routine, Vitamin C is a powerhouse providing a wide range of benefits that keep your skin looking youthful and fresh.

As we age, the amount of Vitamin C in the two outermost layers of our skin, known as epidermis and dermis, keeps decreasing naturally. Unprotected sun exposure and pollution can accelerate the depletion process that leads to skin looking and feeling dull, uneven, and less firm than it was in younger years. The supplements from Gevity Vitamins are thoroughly researched and proven for its medical results that make it a crucial component for your skin needs. Its water-soluble antioxidant levels make it a natural resource for rebuilding the depleted skin layers.

Different Forms of Vitamin C for Skin

Air pollutants are the leading cause of damaging our skin cells. Vitamin C has protection capabilities that can reduce the damages caused by free radicals. It also neutralizes those harmful elements and significantly slows down the visible signs of aging. Free radicals are formed when unpaired, and chemically unstable electrons try to find electrons from other cells in your skin to help themselves stabilize. Free radicals are basically unpaired electrons that are chemically unstable and try to find other electrons to sustain them.

Vitamin C is one of the most exciting ingredients you can apply to skin. There are many different forms in which you can use Vitamin C to eradicate the skin damage and make your skin look healthier for long. While they all have antioxidant benefits, some types of vitamin C work better in skincare formulas than others.

It is also known as L-ascorbic acid, and helps create the skin that looks young, feels firm, and fades the signs on uneven skin spots and tone. It also helps in defending the skin surface from free radicals and external stress-inducing elements that reduce exposure. Other beneficial forms that demonstrate their efficiency include sodium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbyl palmitate, and several others. These forms are crucial to help combat stability issues because Vitamin C can oxidize and lose its efficiency if mixed with unstable ingredients. Hence, these derivatives are vital to include in the supplements. Gevity Vitamins offers supplements with such elements embedded in them when you take Elderberry Gummies with Vitamin C.

How Vitamin C is Beneficial for Skin

The benefits of Vitamin C for skin are vast, which also include its ability to even out skin tone and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With its skin-brightening benefits, research also shows it can shield skin from the environmental stressors that have quite visible effects on the surface. Using vitamin C regularly can help prevent the effects of sun damage and pollution from showing up on your skin, too.

The antioxidant helps defend against hyperpigmentation by inhibiting an enzyme called tyrosinase, which is responsible for converting tyrosine into melanin in the skin. This high-impact capability of eliminating the problems that exist both before and after they occur makes vitamin C a power-packed and wholesome element. The benefits of Vitamin C typically narrow down to affecting the two main areas that reside underneath the skin, namely, production of Collagen and quality of complexion:


Vitamin C's most prominent benefactor is the role it plays in forming the production of Collagen in the skin tissues. Apart from stimulating the production of Collagen, it also stabilizes the already existing collagen tissue you have in your skin, leading to overall wrinkle reduction. It is the elastic nature of Vitamin C that provides such benefits to make your skin entirely supportive. If you don't have vitamin C, your Collagen can't cross-link to lift and tighten skin.

Skin tone and health

Using vitamin C topically has even more significant benefits for improving the overall quality, tone, and health of the skin. It diminishes hyperpigmentation, brightens complexions, decreases moisture loss, reduces skin inflammation, and fights against UV-induced photo damages. There has been enough research that demonstrates that Vitamin C can help in treating almost any skin issue you can think. Be it dark spots and discoloration, rosacea and acne, wrinkles, and even skin sagging. It's one of the best anti-aging products you can use on the surface of your skin, and even better if taken as a dietary supplementary.

Choosing Gevity Vitamins over Others

In our supplement, vitamin C is used as Ascorbic acid for enforcing the prevention and treatment of low levels of vitamin C, which your body produces with the diet you consume. It is not enough and can result in a condition called scurvy and cause symptoms such as rash, muscle weakness, joint pain, tiredness, or tooth loss. Vitamin C plays a vital role in the body and maintains skin health, the formation of cartilage, teeth, bone, and blood vessels. Gevity Vitamins are a unique blend of natural resources of nutraceuticals researched over seven years by Dr. Guler and his team of many researchers, professionals, and physicians.

The Vitamin C products in the form of Elderberry gummies and Stat Immune Support preserves and maximizes the naturally occurring health benefits. Our bodies consist of specific flavonoids, i.e., plant chemicals found in fruits and vegetables. Elderberry Sambucus Nigra has such flavonoids like anthocyanin that are powerful and natural antioxidants working towards the protection and prevention of the body’s cells from the potential damage caused by free radicals. With their exceptional abilities to stimulate the body’s immune system, these Gummies harness the natural power of anthocyanin and provide a wholesome health supplement suitable for everyone looking to improve their overall well-being.