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Gevity supplements offer a reliable and consistent product, made with an exceptional combination of essential ingredients, designed by Dr. Guler, to increase the physical health of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and medical conditions.  

Our Products

Gevity Joint Health

It provides a special blend of essential ingredients, scientifically proven to improve joint health by increasing mobility, flexibility, energy, and comfort in individuals suffering from joint pain.* It is recommended for all ages, from athletes to elderly individuals, who desire optimal joint health.

Gevity Stat Immune Support

This supplement is critical for providing extra protection to your body’s natural defense system. The unique combination of Vitamin C, Zinc, Elderberry, and Echinacea is necessary for fighting immune system deficiencies. It is a good supplement to use all year long to keep your immune system healthy.

Gevity Elderberry Gummies

VITAMIN C & ZINC-Elderberry has been known to decrease the incidence of the common cold.* This supplement contains vitamins, strong antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties for preventing certain infections. This product is one of our popular, great tasting gummy vitamins, which is effective when taken all year long.

Gevity Liposomal Vitamin C Support

Our Liposomal version of vitamin C is superior because it absorbs quickly into your body, compared to traditional Vitamin C. It improves skin, collagen production, supports vision, and immune health.* All members of the family can benefit from taking this supplement, as it allows you to feel better as quickly as possible.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

This supplement allows you to consume apple cider vinegar in a tasty gummy form, while obtaining many benefits, including healthy weight management, better gut health, and improved heart health.*

Vitamin C Gummies

Vitamin C is a highly effective and powerful antioxidant, essential for proving support to your body’s natural defense system and fighting infections. Our Vitamin C Gummies are great tasting and can benefit all family members throughout the entire year.

What Can Gevity Vitamins Do For You?

What are Gevity Supplements?

Gevity supplements are the most authentic sources of long-term health benefits in terms of consistency and reliability. After many years of thorough medical research, Dr. Guler, a Board Certified Cardiologist, has developed a special blend of all the essential ingredients necessary to formulate a variety of nutraceutical supplements designed for the whole family.

His patients often asked, “ Is there anything natural that I can take to feel better?” This inspired Dr. Guler to formulate these supplements to provide the maximum benefit to his patients who were interested in improving their general health and quality of life.

How it All Started?

Customer Review

Would you believe that I suffered for years with joint pain? I thought, this must be what happens with age, as I listened to many of my friends talk about their aches and pains. Thank goodness I took the initiative to try the Gevity Joint Supplement, after I had given up on several of the over- the- counter remedies. Fortunately, my life has changed for the better. Getting out of bed, reaching for objects, and walking up and down the stairs are able to occur without effort. What a joy it is to be pain free. Finally, I have found a product that is right for me

-Bob M, Cypress, Texas

My friend told me about the Gevity Joint Supplement and suggested I try it. I have suffered from being overweight for the past 15 years. Not only was I unhappy about myself but joint pain was getting worse. Since I started taking this supplement, my appetite has decreased and the weight is steadily coming off. Knowing a Cardiologist designed this product and has research to support it, I am most grateful. Thank you Dr. G for killing two birds with one stone-helping me to be pain free and for developing a secret potion to address my weight issue.

-Barbara C, Raleigh, NC.

I am an avid runner and feel the need to protect my knees. Although I didn’t like to admit it, my knees were hurting and I frequently felt the effects of achiness and soreness.  Unfortunately, I was not willing to give up the sport I loved. So, I decided to give Gevity Joint Health supplement a try. Now, I have more energy and my joints feel smoother since I started taking them. What a difference this has made in my life! I also feel confident this product was used in clinical trials, backed by research, and not some gimmick.

-Asil P, Istanbul, Turkey